Juliet & Mick's St Francis & Browsholme Hall Wedding Day

Juliet is one of my favourite Brides of 2011, she has really great taste, an eye for detail and a truly clear way of expressing all of that, consequently she was an absolute joy to work with and I am absolutely delighted that both Juliet and Mick had the most spectacular wedding day!!!!
Firstly the FD Events Wedding Bouquet carrying lesson with Jason, he does this so much better than I do!!!.

Juliet's wedding bouquet was an eclectic mixture of all that is so beautifully and exquisitely English, Garden Flowers; English Roses, Lily of the Valley, Hydrangeas, Hedgerow Gathered; Blackberries, Snowberries, Grasses, Viburnum, Woodland Foraged; Tiny Orchids, Baby Acorns and Rosemary.

A lovely handbag corsage of Orchids, Rolled Rose petals and Bombastic Roses

St Francis is a hidden gem, a gorgeous Church in Goosnargh, we'd been here before and loved it, we remembered that the lighting was very intimate with a rosy glow so the decision to go all white for the Church Pedestals was a seriously good call!!

We'd arranged posies of fresh flowers on alternate pew ends down both of the aisles

We framed the front door with two fresh fragrant Bay trees dressed with equally fragrant Patience Roses

A very serious and handsome young man wearing a miniature Rose Boutonniere

The Bridesmaids arrived looking very beautiful in their Prussian blue gowns, they carried bouquets that toned beautifully.

The most adorable flower girl with her sweet scented bouquet of Roses and Blackberries

The Bridesmaids bouquets included the most delicately toned Hydrangea that matched their Prussian blue gowns perfectly. We chose the beautiful fragrant Norma Jean Rose as its shape was just so utterly perfect and replicated the fabric roses on the gowns.

The professional photographer for the day was the fabulously brilliant Lisa Alsersley

Our gorgeous Bride Juliet arriving in a fab vintage Rolls Royce 

Mick, Juliet's handsome Bride Groom was wearing a Patience Rose & Lily of the Valley Boutonniere

The Bridesmaids bouquets were just so perfect with their blue gowns

Massive congratulations to the lovely Juliet and her gorgeous groom Mick

The Bay trees were transferred to the entrance of The Tithe Barn at Browsholme Hall where the celebrations were to take place

The Pew End Posies were placed in glass vases and were used in the bar area

The tables were dressed with a combination of tall elegant designs, fabulous full and luscious candelabras and beautiful towering martini vase designs

For these images the lightening was set with a deep pink hue, this dramatically alters the atmosphere in the barn, there are a variety of lighting effects at Browsholme Hall which adds to its unique appeal.

So back to white lighting in the barn, the flowers look more romantic, glorious and ultimately more natural! I presume this will work the same with people also.

The Martini design was tall and elegant, we used tall bleached branches, with elegant striving Gladioli, Arum Lilies, Molucella, huge white Avalanche Roses and Hydrangeas.

The gloriously full and fabulous candelabras included Phlox, Roses, Brassica, Hydrangeas, Alchemilla Mollis, Dendrobium Orchids, Stocks and fragrant Dille.

The traditional Top Table design was dominated and illuminated by two large candles, the fresh flowers flowed gently over the front of the tables.

The team from With a Twist were ready for the arrival of the guests with some seriously immaculate looking Canapes.

The With a Twist Team

The fabulous Rebecca Clarke Manager of The Tithe Barn at Browsholme Hall


Anonymous said…
Love the photos, you did an amazing job, thank you!

Juliet and Mick

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