An Outdoor Wedding in the Magnificent Band Stand at The Gibbon Bridge

I love the setting of this magical wedding venue, Gibbon Bridge really is a very special place, the gardens and Band Stand are a huge part of it's appeal, I always feel instantly relaxed just by virtue of being there.


The Brides & Grooms we meet who choose to "Tie the knot" at Gibbon Bridge always seem to have a passion for flowers, they're serious foodies, with a love of the outdoors, the food is tremendous, the service famous, and the gardens exquisite all of this is over seen by the indomitable Janet Simpson proprietor, chef and all round everything at this wonderful Trough of Bowland Venue.

We'd met up with our Bride & Groom, Sharon & Justin at Gibbon Bridge for a "walk through" their day a few weeks earlier, we'd decided at that meeting that we'd create the ceremony flowers in all white flowers and then change over to full colour for the wedding breakfast.


Each of the steps up to the Registrars table were dressed with a candlelit lantern and a posy of fresh Peonies, Sweet Peas, An Avalanche Rose, Fresh Dill, Green Dianthus and Galax leaves.


The Registrars table was draped in a garland of White Roses, Peonies, Dill and Sweet Peas, you'll see more of it later.

After completing the ceremony setting we went off to find our gorgeous Bride Sharon, she was getting ready in Room 31, a Room with it's own beautiful private garden, so we took advantage of the sunshine and did the wedding bouquet holding lesson outdoors.

The Bridal Bouquet included Lily of the Valley, White Peonies, Patience Roses from David Austin, Sweet Peas, Pale Green Hydrangeas and Eucalyptus.


The Bridesmaid's Bouquet was a riot of colour more than a little hint of what was to come later

The Groom's very special Boutonniere of Fresh Lily of the Valley, Norma Jean Rose and Pale Green Hydrangea, Sweet Peas clustered together with fresh herbs and bound in silver bullion.

I couldn't resist a few garden pictures they really set the scene for the vibe of the reception flowers, how beautiful is this Iris?

The Bride's Mum's wrist corsage in bright vibrant Orchids, Thistles and Heather to compliment her seriously colourful ensemble

The Bride's Father's Eryngium Thistle and Heather Boutonniere

A lovely pale blue and ivory Corsage

A very excited Justin

Justin's Boutonniere looked perfect with his pale green tie and ivory waist coat

Justin's Dad, wearing a lovely Akito Rose Buttonhole

More images from the Garden

I love Maples...

Justin and Sharon's fabulous Mum wearing her vivid Wrist Corsage

The photographer was a real hoot! we had a great time though I was worried when he was climbing on walls and tables to get the best shots, but hey you've got to admire a man with guts and passion (I've lost his card and would love to know his name and see his images if anyone knows please put a comment on the bottom of this posting or email me)

The Bride and her lovely Dad make there way down to the Band Stand

The Bride Groom and The Best Man looking onle slightly nervous

The bouquets were designed to look as if they've just been plucked from the gardens, relaxed and clustered using English blooms

The all white bridal bouquet looked almost as perfect as the Bride, the shape was designed to compliment the corsage on her gown.

Outdoor weddings feel so very special, I suppose in this country it's always such a surprise when the weather makes it possible, that said I can only ever remember one wedding in the last 20 years when bad weather stopped play!

I loved the vows and promises Justin and Sharon made to each other they were so personal and so perfect, simply Brilliant!!!!

Everyone in the audience/congregation seemed to be very attentive and little "Loved up" too

So that fabulous table garland (please note I'm stood at the bottom of the steps looking up)

It really did look the part, very worthy of dressing the registrars table, it's based on our "Hanging Gardens of Babylon" design

The wedding bouquet was beginning to bloom and blossom, the Peonies and Roses were opening before our eyes and smelling more and more fragrant, delicious!

Bubbles and Huge Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Costello

The fabulous team from Gibbon Bridge were on hand with the Pimms

I do love Lupins

Inside the wedding reception room, we'd followed the theme of the gardens, posies of garden gathered flowers dressed the tables. Each of the table names were images of Sharon and Justin by famous Land Marks "Pisa"

Each guest had a mini jar of Heinz tomato Ketchup (Serious Foodies!!)

I had one large posy in the centre of each table and two smaller ones on either end ensuring enough space for vegetable tureens

I loved the vibrancy of the shades we used, the colours and flowers were glorious!

I tried to place the flowers on the tables nearest to the co-ordinating views of the garden

We used Delphiniums, Roses, Sweet Peas, Sweet Wiiliams, Roses, Lissianthus, Alchemilla Mollis, Astrantia, Eryngium, Oregano, Rosemary, Dill and Peppermint, you can imagine the fragrance was heady and heavenly in equal measure!

Each guest also had a personalised stick of Blackpool Rock

The top table garland had been transferred from the bandstand and then I'd added more colourful Sweet Peas and Roses so that it blended into the room

The cake again was a riot of vivid colour and we'd added a few Rose petals


Anonymous said…
Jane, you and your team did an amazing job for our wedding. you made everything so beautiful and perfect. We can't thank you enough. Everyone has commented on how fantastic the flowers were!! Our photographer was called Paul Craig, his weblink is
Much thanks from Mr & Mrs Costello xx

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