"The Perfect Wedding Cake & Flower Combination" Cakes from High Tea of Highgate

So utterly sublime, hand made cakes on cake stands and vintage flowers on a hand embroidered table cloth all placed on a Grand Piano, I'm trying to imagine something more heavenly and right now I just can't!!!!!!!!

Crystal baskets of cakes and flowers

Lavender buns and lavender flowers delicious

The fragrance was equally as delectable

The piano was the most perfect stage for this floral confectionary

These incredible cakes and buns were all hand made by the spectacular Bridesmaid Georgina

Who just so happens to own High Tea of Highgate definitely worth a visit

The Bride & Groom headed off for photographs....

For Jason and I this was the end of a very long day, but we had the most magical day, huge thanks to our truly beautiful Bride & Groom, Sarah & Ryan, be happy always!!!!!!!


Adele said…
Jane, this looks simply stunning. I adore this whole afternoon tea/cupcake/flower vintage thing going on..love it, love it, love it!
love this! what a combination of flowers and food. the colour and textures go so well together. I will definatly be showing this to my brides!
Beautiful setup! The flowers blend in perfectly (and ingeniously) with the cupcakes. An overall beautiful scene!
Am just in love with the cake-and-flowers concept! So gorgeous, had to share your link on our Bellenza FB page!

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