A Little Preview of Sarah & Ryan's Highgate Wedding Day....There's so Much More to Come....Part 1.

Jason & I were up at 4:00am, we were on our way to London by 6:30am arriving with the totally and completely wonderful and only slightly "Kooky" Sarah complete with her made of honour and only slightly less "kooky" Georgina at the "York & Albany" at about 11:00, to deliver The Bridal Bouquet that dreams are made of.... Lily of the Valley, Pure White English Peonies and angelic White Sweet Peas, the fragrance was heavenly....
Sarah arrived at Lauderdale House in a Black Cab
The bridal party walked up Highgate Hill and literally laughed all the way...
...And Ryan looking seriously handsome waited patiently...
Huge Congratulations Mr & Mrs Donnar
The most exquisite Bridal Bouquet, I just adore these blooms and felt they were perfect for Sarah, Blousy and fun loving open and honest Peonies showing us their heart as the day progressed, Gauzy, transparent, delicate and fragile Sweet Peas that are just a little bit stronger than you think and probably the most expensive flowers on the planet right now Lily of the Valley in all Sarah personified in a wedding bouquet!!!!! (I'm so thrilled she left it entirely to me to design and I'm so delighted that I know her well enough to do it justice!!)

The Dining Room (Close up shots on the next post!)
"The Cake" created by the incredible Georgina of "High Tea of Highgate" (Again I promise more close ups later)
This was such a magical day, we felt so honoured to be invited, there's so much detail to share, so you'll just have to indulge me dear reader, this will be a wedding in parts, tomorrow we'll start from the beginning....... but for today just the trailer!!!!!


LOVE the shot of Sarah hanging out the cab! Beauty! x

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