Jimmy Choo's & Lily of the Valley, Sarah & Ryan's Wedding Part 2.

Two of the most desirable and delicious things in the world, what more is there in life to wish for than a pair of Jimmy Choo's and a bouquet of Lily of the Valley, Peonies and Sweet Peas? The true beauty of this bouquet is it's complete and absolute fragility, it's just a moment in time, a memory to be re-captured in parts only occasionally and each flower to be enjoyed for it's perfume and exquisiteness throughout a life time, Can the same be said for the Jimmy Choo's? I think not but they are totally fabulous all the same (And I wish I owned a pair!).
So the actual moment of presentation of the bridal bouquet, no less nerve wracking due to the sheer beauty of the bouquet and the Bride!
A lot of perfume imbibing and jollity ensued

I love this when I'm getting a bit of attention!!!
A close up of the heavenly white wedding bouquet

Gorgeous Sassi Holford Gown from Dreamcatcher Bridal

The Groom's Mum's Handbag Corsage, in pale gold and soft greens, we included elements of her journey from Australia for her son's wedding day; Eucalyptus from Australia, Dendrobium Orchids from Singapore, Ivy & Hypericum from Europe and Hydrangeas from England!

The Bride Groom's Boutoniere of English Lily of the Valley for his very English Bride and Sprigs of Antipodean Eucalyptus
The Best Man's Avalanche Rose Buttonhole
There's still more to come tomorrow....


Love how you described the fragility and fragrance of the bouquet. It IS lovely!
sewa mobil said…
Nice flower, thanks.

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