90th Birthday Celebrations in The Salon at The Grand

The Salon at The Grand is the most brilliant private dinner party space, we dressed the table which can seat up to about 22 guests with a series of glass cubes filled with posies of fresh flowers in a selection of contrasting shades.

Vanda Orchids "Blue Magic" arranged in a clear glass LSA Cube Vase.


Phalaenopsis Orchids "Red Lips" again arranged in a glass cube vase.

These particular designs are just perfect for the shape and size of the table, they allow the guests to see and speak to each other across the table with any interference.

A Cube filled with a hand tied posy of fresh Sun Flowers and another filled with a posy of Aqua Roses, we used some bear grass loops to add texture and rhythm to the designs, the addition of one or two diamante pins gives an element of glamour to the proceedings

Tomato Red Gerbera studed with diamantes

Buttermilk Gerbera with bear grass loops


Rachael said…
LOVE the pops of color in the cube vases against the sleek black furniture. Great job!
Anne said…
This was my mum's special day and I can't thank Flower Design enough for the beautiful cubes of contrasting types and colours of flowers... Stunning! She loves flowers but these table decorations really did hit the jackpot! The guests were also thrilled to hear that all had been cleverly designed so that they could take the flowers home at the end in little hand-tied bunches. A great party and you guys certainly know how to add the 'wow'-factor!

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