Lovely Vintage Purple Wedding of Claire & Andrew at All Souls Church Blackburn & Stirk House, Gisburn

What a fabulous couple and such a lovely wedding day, this was a Mother's Day wedding, I mention this only as an aside but to establish the difference between an event florist like us and a conventional high street florist where the service on a day like this would be seriously limited by virtue of the necessity to service shop clients, conversely our number one priority was of course our totally gorgeous Bride and Groom Claire & Andrew!!!


So first delivery to the Brides home in Darwen for the infamous Flower Design wedding bouquet holding lesson, our beautiful bride Claire and her spectacular Bridesmaid's were all naturals, which is always a relief, there's nothing worse than a Bridesmaid carrying her bouquet like "The Olympic Torch" or worse still hiding behind it, but these girls were just perfect!

Then to All Souls Church in Blackburn to meet our handsome Bride Groom Andrew and to pin on his rather special Boutonniere of Amnesia Rose Fresh Fragrant Rosemary & Eucalyptus, Rolled Metalina Petals, Lissianthus and scented Lavender, all with aroma therapeutic qualities for a chilled out and relaxed groom!!!

The lovely and fabulous photographer Steve Ashton looking after the Groomsmen Jason Pinned on all of the corsages and buttonholes

Cream Vendella Rose & Lissianthus Corsage with lovely wax flower blossom (Left) and Fragrant Lavender and Rolled Rose Petal and Hydrangea Corsage (Right)

"Here come the girls!"
Gorgeous elegant vintage Rose Bouquets to tone with violet

We've used some lovely seasonal flowers in these bridal bouquets gorgeous vivid green Viburnum Opulus really brings everything to life

We Used Metalina & Amnesia Roses, Lissianthus, Lavender, deep Purple Anemones and Eucalyptus in these vintage violet Bridal Bouquets

The Brides Bouquet looked so light and delicate with the delicate Panicum "Champagne Grass" crating a fountain effect

Steve & Stephanie Ashton of Ashton Photography in action capturing all of the most important and completely beautiful memories for ever

Huge Congratulations from all of the team at Flower Design Events

Gorgeous Vintage Wedding Bouquet in shades of Violets, Purples, Lavenders and Creams

Then off to Stirk House in Gisburn
We'd lined the pathway with our Flower Design candle lit lanterns on hooks

The tables were dressed with a combination of high and low designs, the tall designs were elegant spheres of fresh spring blooms on our lovely glass Candle stickshe Low Designs were hurricane lamps surrounded by a wreath of fresh spring blooms

We included Roses, Hydrangeas, Viburnum Opulus, Wax Flower Blossom and fragrant lavender
candlesticks were topped off with purple tulips, Amnesia Roses, Hydrangeas, Anemones, Lissianthus and Eucalyptus

The top table was a really traditional design with clustered candles dominating the focal area and eminanting outwards towards the edges of the table with palms and French French Ruscus

The chairs were all covered later on by the fab team from Creative Cover hire and the room was in even further transformed

Huge thanks to Claire & Andrew for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding Flowers


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