Vintage Wedding at St Michael's and The Inn at Whitewell inspired by "The Butterfly Ball"

A bright and early start, Jason organising the mechanics for the lytch gate before I embark up the ladders to do the "Fun" bit To be honest I'm not great up ladders, but with such fabulous material to work with, I soon forgot I wasn't on tera firma This was such an important part of the floral decorations for my lovely Bride, the very first time I met her was when I was up a ladder dressing this exact Lytch Gate, and she announced then that she wanted the full vintage works for her big day!!! I used Hops as a base and then built on that with a delicious selection of Roses, Delphiniums, Celosia, Hydrangeas, Snowberries, Tuberosa, Ivy, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lavender, I just wish you could imbibe the fragrance it was heavenly!!!
The Porch area was dressed with lots of lanterns, fresh Hops, Dill, Roses, Celosia, Ivy trails

The windowsills were dressed with hurricane lamps and arrangements

The font was dressed with a fabulous all round design illuminated by a tall candle
The church is tiny so you do benefit from dressing the pews, Windowsills, Altar and Font, everything can be seen and appreciated
The pew ends were dressed with Raffia tied posies of Roses and Astrantia

The pedestals were created using a selection of English Garden Flowers, Delphiniums, Roses, Dill, Sedum, Hydrangeas, Tuberosa and curly Hazel branches

The Arch of the front door of St Michael's was dripping with fresh Hops and clusters of Hydrangeas, we hung rustic lanterns around the door

The families dogs were treated to floral dog collars, and very grand they looked too

The Bride's Mum's Handbag Corsage of Lily of the Valley and Metalina Roses
Here Come the Girls....

The Adult Bridesmaids were wearing floral print gowns, so we kept their bouquets small and simple, using a collection of different varieties of Roses

The Bride's Bouquet of Akito Roses, Metalina Roses and Lily of the Valley was surrounded by a collar of delicate Eucalyptus leaves
The flower girls carried pales of fresh Roses and herbs and were wearing delicate halos of Rose buds on their heads

Tiny Rose Buds, clusters of sedum, loops and trails of fine satin ribbon and tiny feather butterflies created these delicate circlet style headdresses for the two younger flower girls

A little cluster of fresh Rose Buds and Butterfly Brooch for the older flower girl

The Groom's Mum was wearing a pale green suit so we created a corsage of Lily of the Valley and Rose buds

For the Junior Ushers simple elegant Akito Rose and Eucalyptus Buttonholes
Each of the guests were given parchment cones filled with fresh fragrant Rose Petals to throw over the Bride & Groom as they leave the Church grounds

The celebrations then moved on to The Inn next door and their static Marquee, as the guests entered the marquee they were greeted with beautiful "Welcome Ring" Seating plan, each cluster of flowers represents a table, with a card attached listing the guests sat at that particular table
The tables down the centre of the marquee were decorated with tall conical vases filled with a jelly of Blackberries and Apples and then topped with a hand tie of Delphiniums, Snowberries, Hydrangeas and Roses

The lower designs around the outer edges of the marquee were in oversized Sundae Glasses filled with a floral confection Each of the lady guests on the Lily of the Valley table had at their place a simple ivory fan with a sprig of fragrant Lily of the Valley attached can you imagine how glorious that would have been to waft yourself cool with that delicious fragrance!!!
On the delphinium Table a stem of Delphinium for the Gents and a Fan dressed with Delphinium for the ladies
Hydrangea Table
The Bride & Groom's table was in the centre of the marquee and each of the chairs were dressed with posies of Roses and Astrantia

The Peppermint Table
The Lavender Table

These lower designs were truly exquisite with fabulous raised Sundae dishes filled with Roses, Dill, Celosia, Hydrangeas, Panicum, Butterflies and of course the table name cards

The Chocolate and raspberry cake was on a mound of Roses and Hydrangeas, it filled the marquee with a chocolate fragrance to die for.

The Very Happy Couple

Beautiful vintage wedding bouquet of Metalina, Evelyn & Akito Roses together with Lily of the Valley and a delicate collar of Eucalyptus


sheree said…
Its all fabulous! I LOVE the floral doggy collars what a fab idea!! Sheree xx

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