Danielle & David Leeming's Deep Purple Bartle Hall Wedding Day

Danielle's wedding bouquet was a really springy and fresh combination of violets, clotted creams, deep purples and lime green, the look Danielle truly loved was full and floral not that easy to achieve on the 8th January when flowers are scarce and little tight in bud, so after much discussion we selected a collection of flowers that Danielle really connected with, some for their vibrance others for fragrance, shape and compatibilty, basically this was a much considered bridal bouquet with Danielle's heart and soul captured within it.
The wedding bouquet included a selection of fragrant herbs all with particular significance; Lavender for affection and devotion, Rosemary for remembrance of loved ones, Eucalyptus represents care and prudence, the flowers too had their meanings; Freesia not only a family favourite but it represents sweetness and friendship, Veronica stands for truth and purity, the Cream Vendella Rose is associated with charm, grace and thoughtfulness whilst the Cymbidium Orchid symbolizes style and elegance a truly meaningful wedding bouquet! And Danielle certainly looks happy with her wedding bouquet
The bridal party were getting ready in one of the fabulously spacious suites at Bartle Hall, the atmosphere is always seems so much more relaxed than at home.
Downstairs in The Windsor suite the scene was set for a magnificent civil ceremony, the chairs were covered and hooded in deep violet sateen (by Creative Cover Hire) as was the registrars table, we'd placed a huge pedestal design of Orchids and Roses to the right of the space and a sumptuously opulent arrangement on the registrars table.The registrars table arrangement included two chapel candles, tulips, Roses, Orchids, Lissianthus, Agapanthus and Viburnum Opulus

The traditional pedestal design of Cymbidium Orchids, Antirhinnums, Vendella Roses, Agapanthus, September Flower and Viburnum Opulus looked grand and majestic in the beautiful surroundings of Bartle Hall
On the fireplace we'd arranged some candle lit lanterns
The lovely Groom David with his Best Man The Groom's Mum's Wrist Corsage of Roses, Agapanhus & Lissianthus
The exquisite Bridesmaids looked completely fabulous in their deep purple gowns, their bridal bouquets toned perfectly
Danielle looked so radiant

Huge Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Leeming
The day was being run by the brilliant C&B manager at Bartle, Hayley she really runs a tight ship, absolutely everything is perfection
The Bride's Mum's Cymbidium Orchid Wrist corsage
The fabulous photographers on the day were our dear friends Steve & Stephanie Ashton from Ashton Photography, they are so professional and such a pleasure to work with, I can't wait to see their images of this special day

The celebrations then moved to The Balmoral Suite where the room was set for the wedding breakfast, we'd used silver baroque style candelabras on each of the dining tables, these were dressed with chapel candles and a beautiful arrangement of Roses, Lissianthus and Orchids
The delicious cup cake tower topped with fresh flowers was created by another friend of our "Katie Cup Cake" from The Little House of Cup Cakes
This was such a special day for David & Danielle and we feel honoured to have been asked to create their wedding flowers!


Lovely idea of having herbs in the wedding bouquet...and with such sweet meanings for each one!
I really like the centre pieces! They look so ornate and extravagant, gorgeous!

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