Ruth & Harvey's "Black & White Magic Vanada Orchid" Winter Wedding Day at St Steven's Skipton and Mitton Hall

This beautiful wedding took place on 23rd December 2010....
Ruth and Harvey were blessed with a glorious winter wedding day, the weather was simply perfect, snow covered and magical, Jason arrived early at the Church; St Steven's in Skipton to meet the lovely Groom Harvey to pin on his rather special "Black & White Magic" Vanda Orchid filigree Boutonniere

The Bridesmaids arrived looking stunning in black gowns with ivory fur stoles, their wedding bouquets of Roses, Calla Lilies and the signature "Black & White Magic" Vanda Orchids created just the right balance of colour.
The foliages smelled delicious, we used a selection of herbs including Eucalyptus and Rosemary and some peaceful silvery toned Albiflora Bruneii and Kochia to create some light and shade
The gorgeous little pageboy was wearing a miniature Dendrobium Orchid Bouttoniere in contrast to the Usher's very special Calla Lily & White Magic Boutonniere

Some of the Bridesmaids carried beautiful posies in deep purple and ivory and others were wearing very elegant "Black Magic" Vanda Orchid wrist corsgaes

The Bride's and Groom's Mothers looked fabulous Groom's Mum was wearing a raspberry Cymbidium Orchid wrist corsage and the Brides Mum an ivory Rose and Dendrobium Orchid eppaulette Corsage.

Two Ushers wearing Ivory Rose & Dendrobium Orchid Boutonnieres

We'd hung a huge grapevine bell covered in fresh mistletoe over the front door of church everyone kissed one another on their way in.

Huge congratulations to Ruth & Harvey

The celebrations then moved to Mitton Hall, Mitton Hall is a fabulous venue perfect for stylish winter weddings, the team there are just brilliant, the setting is sensational, particularly on a snow covered day like this one.
We'd arranged a combination of table designs for the tables in the banqueting room, the famous Flower Design Ghost trees" and the romantic baroque style candelabras, both of these designs were dressed with Vanda Orchids, Calla lilies and Roses

The top table looked resplendent smothered in a profusion of Orchids and tulips
The cake topper of Black Magic Vanda Orchids and silver filigree looked perfect on this gorgeous stacked rose cake


Priscila said…

Anonymous said…
absolutly stunnung once again the flowers are magnificent. cant wait to visit this venue next week.
So many things to love about this wedding (that bunch of mistletoe...sweet idea!). Your floral creations were just gorgeous with those Vanda orchids. Unexpected in a wintertime wedding, which makes them all the more remarkable!
The candles draped all over the tree looks beautiful!

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