Impromptu Photo Shoot Images by Phil Garlington

So this is a little follow up posting from yesterday, as you may remember we were at Westleigh, with some glorious Dreamcatcher wedding gowns, some exquisite Orchid wedding Bouquets, a very gorgeous photographer Phil Garlington and perfect blue skies and this is the result....

Love the shadows

I first met Phil Garlington about ten years ago, when I arrived home from that first meeting I told Jason "I've just met the sexiest, hottest photographer ever" (You just gotta keep em on their toes! sorry about that Jas) anyway as Phil pointed out ten years have passed between now and then, but what is it with men they do seem to improve with age!

I've worked with Phil on some truly gorgeous and magical weddings over the years, the last one was two years ago, and since then Phil's been all over everywhere doing some seriously world class portrait work, so it was great to catch up with him and see him in action, back where he belongs in Lancashire shooting these perfect girls.

This is my personal favourite


Fantastic shoot! Amazing photography, love the black and white image with the horse and a flowergirl, gorgeous!!

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