Fresh Flower Vending Machines & Frogs Legs in Belgium

I'm not sure how I feel about this floral vending machine outside a huge and fabulous florist shop Walter Van Gastel in Belgium, you see the thing is they have customers queueing up inside to buy their flowers (a sight I dream of in my own shops) so I suppose this is ideal for those clients who are in a dreadful rush, but, for me, part of the pleasure of flower buying from a "proper" florist as oposed to a supermarket is the personal attention you recieve, the "retail experience", it's all part of the pleasure seeing them handled, arranged and wrapped to your specifications.

This store is spectacular with truly mouthwatering displays, Christmas has well and truly arrived.

They had bouquets already arranged and just flowers in vases and buckets in a giant cool room, the customers are encouraged to select what they'd like and then they take them to the check out for arranging and gift wrapping.

Poinsettias in an array of colour

Ancient Olive Trees

Mr Cool aka Hans from Metz

Jason, Martin & Hans

Then to Antwerp for more excitement

Then a little initiation tipple apparantly famous in Belgium Genever

A dinner of Frogs Legs


Chips and mayonaise

Many thanks to Martin & Hans from Metz for a magical mystery tour of Belgium


Really like all the woven olive branches! very authentic!
Anonymous said…
In case you want to know more about the flower vending machine, contact me. I installed it at Walter Van Gastel.

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