A Spectacular Dinner Party with Divine Flowers Enjoy....

Welcome to my humble dining room and an insight into my style of "at home entertaining", I hope you'll enjoy a peek through my key hole...I dressed the table with a black brocade cloth and black napkins, I wanted the table to be insignificant a backdrop for the flowers and food to really take centre stage
We used a selection of autumnal Dahlias, Nerines, Orchids, Roses, Chillis, Tulips, Astilbe, Sedum and Amaryllis

The place settings were simple luggage labels attached to threaded conkers for a game later on

So the scene was set the guests started to arrive

Halloumi Cheese with a Caper and Shallot Vinaigrette

Venison Carpacio

The Starter in mid preparation, my brother Paul & I were in charge of cooking and this was his dish, he'd removed the legs from Mallards and Partridges these were cooked in a confit for three hours and then the meat was shredded and rolled to create a sausage which was portioned and sauted until crispy on the outside and yummy and soft on the inside....

The finished dish, Breasts of Partridge & Mallard with Confit on caramalised pears with a pear cider sauce

Fish Course: Sea Bass with tomato jam and lemon grass beurre blanc

Mojhito sorbet to refresh the palette

Lamb for mains served on cabbage, kale and carrots with piped potatoe puree and spinach and parsley puree and Red wine jus
Time out for a game of conkers Emma & I were the champions
Cheeses with figs and quince jelly
a frozen pot of frozen grapes

And finally White Chocolate Panacotta with dark and milk chocolate Cheese cake

I love cooking almost as much as I love flowers, socialising and eating but when you put all three together it's fantabulous!

Jonny Draper thank you so much for taking the photographs even though you were getting progressively more inebriated as the evening was drawing to an end! xxxx


Awesome Jane! And I reckon those images are impressively sharp, bearing in mind I could hardly see by the end of the night!!!

Ben Glover said…
I am so incredibly upset I missed this. It looks amazing
katie said…
all looks fantastic jane, very impressive! x
The food all looks amazing!! and everyone loves a conker fight!
zafran said…
Oh!my goodness me amazing really amazing how beautiful flowers i am so impressive.this post is so cute & so sweet.thank,s for nice post.Pakistan flowers

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