We're Off To Cook with The Hairy Bikers....

Jason, Rebecca & I have been invited to the BBC (Television centre no less) to cook with the Hairy Bikers (I am so scared I'll get Si & Dave muddled up) for their brand new TV series, this is a photograph of one of our practise efforts...
Venison & Fig Tarts
We are all a little excited after all 2 nights in London and some visits to some top notch eateries are on the agenda, who wouldn't be excited!
So we're taking off Sunday at the crack of dawn, rehearsing all afternoon, out for dinner in the evening, (St John is my restaurant of choice), then filming all day Monday, out for dinner again, who knows where and then despatched back up North on the first Train back Tuesday morning.
I'll fill you all in on the details when we return from this mini adventure!


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