A Patriotic Red, White & Blue Civil Ceremony at The Great Hall at Mains

The Great Hall at Mains is a fabulous setting for a Civil Ceremony, completely grand and utterly majestic, we weren't asked to design the bridal bouquets for this particular wedding, but it was an absolute pleasure for us to make these ceremony designs, we know the bride and groom will have enjoyed a wonderful day at TGHM.I arranged two huge vases on plinths at the foot of the aisle, these were filled with an abundance of White Delphinium Elatum, White Hydrangeas, Lilies, Gerberas, Grand Prix Roses and trailing Amaranathus

The tall conical vases were filled with ruby glass hearts set into a clear jelly and then filled with Delphiniums, Roses, Gerberas and Hydarangeas.

We use LSA Hurricane lamps to line the aisle
On the registars table I arranged a traditional design of Roses, Singapore Orchids, Crytstal Blush Calla Lilies and Dahlias.
A Pedestal design of Delphinium Elatum, Hydrangeas, Passion & Grand Prix Roses, Gerberas and foliages


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