In the FD Nerve Centre this Week A Very Tall Man From Metz, Some More Floral Cup Cakes & This Weeks Coffee Table Design

First off then, the very tall man from Metz, he is our new FD Heart Throb (only for this week though, Hans is still our number one!) & Christina's new secret screen saver Martin Vered Commercial Director of Metz, he was unusually honest, he was direct, he was inspiring, he was slightly "preppy", he was/is cool and he appears to know an awful lot about being a flower wholesaler, we liked him though, he might not know it, I may not let him know until he gets me some "Fiddle Fern" that is.
Anyway we buy from many different sources: David Austin Roses, which we love and adore, Ernst Van Der Water, we've been buying from him for more than twenty years now and I also love adore him, Peter Smiths and a couple of other Dutch Van sales.
But, this is the thing, times are changing and I think investment in training, progression and developement are essential for us and other florists to succeed, the thing I like about Metz is that they are interested in us, I've been buying off them for a few years now, on and off and much more so as we've developed our events business, but they are investing in us, helping us with training and marketing.
Over the next couple of months we'll be having a Dutch designer over for a couple days to inspire our team courtesy of Metz, Tim Huckerbee trained us in customer service and he's coming back again in September again courtesy of Metz.
Jason & I will be going with Martin to New York on a whistle stop tour of the very best wedding and event florists in the world, true enough we do spend an awful lot of money with Metz but ultimately they are helping us to grow, to stay in business and to do well, and I'm liking this new developement, this new wholesaler & florist relationship and long may it continue.
Any way if you click on the picture of Martin below you too can have a Martin Vered Screen saver like Christina!
Back by popular demand some of this weeks fantabulous Floral Cup cakes

And todays Scabious coffee table design created by Rachel, I love It!


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