Visitors to The Flower Design Studio Yesterday; Elana & Oli from the BBC & Lots of My Lovely Friends & The Lovely Andy, Erica & Ava McDonald

So we had some interesting visitors this week, not least Elana & Oli from the BBC who were looking to recruit some top notch Fylde Coast cooking talent for The Hairy Bikers new TV Show, so I invited some of my serious amateur "chefing" buddies round to have a chat with them, so in the picture are from left to right the fabulous Gail Hunt, Ben Glover, Elana, Oli, Gill, Amy & Tony Burn (Not in the picture but definitely in the frame for a possible tv appearance are some more of my great friends Sheree Reece, Deborah Horsefield and Stewy Vuitton) so you'll have to look out for it in the Autumn.

Then a little while later a surprise visit form the fabulous Andy McDonald (McDonald Photography) and family Erica & Baby Ava, it was lovely to see them, they were on The Fylde visiting their graphic designers and thought they'd just pop in to say hello, which was a lovely treat for us!


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