The Totally Tropical Wedding Day of Hazel & Barry Williams at St Chads Poulton & The Grand Hotel St Annes 29th May 2010

I was so excited to deliver Hazel's wedding bouquet, Sarah & I have loved every single one of our appointments with Hazel, she is truly fabulous and she deserved the very best of days, Hazel's "Look" for the day was more than a bit "Jungle" the flowers consequently were as exotic and splendid as Hazel herself, I know you're all going to love this posting...

Hazel's bouquets were a riot of colour and content from fresh mini Pineapples to Birds of Paradise and everything in-between, these bouquets are not for the faint hearted or for those with weak wrists, they do tend to be on the weighty side but the drama they create more than makes up for it, you know what they say "No pain no gain!"
Hazel's full on drama bouquet
Hazel's Mum's Corsage of Ivory Vanda, Metalina, Tacca and fragranced Lily of the Valley
The girl's make up looked fabulous and each of the Bridesmaids were wearing Naranga Roses in their hair
Dad's jacket complete with Naranga Rose Boutonniere
Then Jason & I were off to St Chads in search of Grooms men, it was a bit like a safari but we tracked them down to "The Thatched"

We were tracking footprints and found this set of amazing pins with the most fabulous leopard print manicure, belonging to Barry's uber glamarous Mum

Wendy was wearing a fabulous violet ensemble and we finished it off beautifully with a corsage of Phalaenopsis Orchids, Eucharis & Madame Pompadour Orchids.

Then we spotted him in the undergrowth the "Magnificent crested Groom" Barry, Hazel said he was hot! and he sure lived up to my expectations, we'd created a Bird of Paradise, Orchid encrusted Boutonniere complete with Bumble Bee Orchids and Rolled Nranga Rose Petals, all in all worthy of this rare species.

Then to the Groomsmen all wearing superb Leopard print cravats and matching hankies, the buttonholes were of course simple yet striking, Naranga Roses with Dracaena & Leucadendron detail.

Chris one of the Groom's Men looking exceptionally handsome

The photographer struggled to tame this bunch of wild stags and we just snapped them from a safe distance...

Nana Lily & Joan arrived to add an element of decorum to the proceedings, both wearing lovely Rose buttonholes Amnesia & Avalanche

The Bridesmaid's car arrived scattering the crowd that had built up outside the church gates
Lynne looked absolutely gorgeous
As did the most gorgeous of Bridesmaids
I included Gingers "Super sexy", Shampoo Gingers, Pineapples, Gerbera, Naranga & Darcy Roses, Spiderman Grevillea, Pistache Anthuriums and Green Cymbidium Orchids in the Bridesmaids Bouquets which looked superb with the Persimmon shaded gowns

Then a stampede to meet the Bridal car.....
Hazel looked so utterly beautiful like a real life "Bird of Paradise" exotic, exquisite and completely breathtaking...

I included in Hazels' wedding Bouquet Heliconias, Birds of Paradise, Super Sexy & Sexy Pink Gingers, Bumble Bee Orchid Oncidium, Fresh Lily of the Valley, Darcy & Naranga Roses, Madame Pompadours Singapore Orchids, Gerbera, Cymbidium Orchids & Pistache Anthuriums together with a plethora of tropical leaves and foliages.
Just how gorgeous is Hazel?
It was a really great service enjoyed by the entire congregation lots of whom had come in from the crowds outside
Really huge congratulations to Barry & Hazel from the entire events team here at Flower Design

Then we were off to spectacularly decorated Grand Hotel in St Annes for the celebrations
The tables were decorated with tall designs in either giant cocktail glasses or dramatic LSA vases, each table had a spectacular arrangement of hanging Heliconias, Pineapples, Birds of Paradise and Taccas.
The Cake was seperated with rows of beautiful green Cymbidium Orchids

The Top Table looked splendid dramatically dressed with Palms and Gingers draped over the centre of the table.

The leopard print detail was everywhere and really completed the look

The fabulous Chris Hurst from Sure Fire Magic was already entertaining the first arrivals just before we left
And Caroline and her amazing team at The Grand were already with the Champagne on Ice.
All in all a fantabulous day for a really great couple!


Wow, the colours are just great!
Really beautiful, and love the leopard print, so cool!
Anonymous said…
Hi Jane, Thanks so so much for our wonderful flowers, they really made our day so magical. We cannot thank you enough!
Thanks for the amazing photographs too.

We love you to bits!
Hazel and Barry Williams

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