Part One of Elise & Marcus' Wedding on Saturday 10:00 -1:30pm

As promised this wedding will be in instalments for a few reasons
a) Elise & Marcus are my lovely friends,
b) Elise & Marcus are absolutely beautiful,
c) As a result of a) I was there all day & evening,
d)I was using my brand new camera and
e) as a resultof b) & d) have taken lots and lots of pics....
10:00 am Getting to work on the seriously legendery Lytch Gate at St CuthbertsWe make the garland in sections in the
workroom and then it is cocooned in special "Crisper" crates it then spends 24 hours in our cool store and is brought back to temperature over a few hours (The shock of fridge to sun would be too much), we wire up a large proportion of the flowers used and use test tubes to ensure that the delicate blooms are in water, this particular Lytch Gate is in a very exposed spot in terms of Sun & Wind so it's essential that the flowers are conditioned properly, in total from start to finish six florists will have worked on this Lytch Gate, but Jason enjoys the plaudits of the passers by whilst he's attaching it to the gate.Two tone Hydrangeas & fresh Lavender, Jason & Rachel
Jason in action, we are very careful never to use nails, tape or glue in fact we don't use anything that may damage the structure we're working on
Avalanche Rose
Hydrangea, Amaranthus, Avalanche Rose, Allium, Dark Hypnose Rose & Hosta Leaves
11:30: Then to the Brides family home to deliver the Bridal Bouquets
The gorgeous little flower girls Talia & Maisie with their posies of Roses, Peonies & Lilac
The Brides Father's Boutonniere (Left) of a Patience Rose with Lavender & Oregano.
The Page Boys Boutonniere of Gracia Creme Rose Buds and "Spaniels ears" leave.

The Bridesmaid's Bouquets, nestled in a tissue paper bed ready for presentation
The Bride's Bouquet included Fresh Lily of the Valley, Viburnum Opulus, Sweet Peas, Amnesia & Metalina Roses, Peonies, David Austin's Juliet, Miranda & Patience and an exquisite flourish of fresh fragrant Jasmine
Rose; Groom's Mum with the two lovely flower Girls
The Brides Mum & Groom's Mum's Corsages of Lily of the Valley & Eustoma for the Bride's Mum Sue and of course Lily of the Valley & Roses for Rose
The most handome Page Boy Theo

1:00 pm Back to St Cuthbert's to meet the Groom's Men: Left Josh Best Man, Groom's Brother and all round great guy, Right the super handsome Brother of the Bride Nick, both are wearing Metalina Rose Boutonniere's

Mr Cool, Fernando the Groom's Father & Josh
Close up of the Metalina Rose Buttonhole
Marcus the most gorgeous of Groom's (He is totally in the running for the much coverted Flower Design Bride Groom of the Year 2010) wearing a very special Patience Buttonhole in his splendid Marc Wallace suit (My Favourite!!)
Marcus' Boutonniere of Lily of the Valley, Lavender & Patience
The lovely Gordon

The guests all started to arrive

Fernando & Gill Mick & Ade the two excellent Ushers

My Phalaenopsis Orchid Wrist Corsage (photograph taken by the lovely Steve Ashton)The Lanterns were lit the stage was set all we had to do now was wait for the arrival of the bridesmaids........ until tomorrow then


Colours and fragrance soooo beautiful, a really show stopper! x
Spectacular Jane! Don't make us wait until tomorrow!!!


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