Twelve Top Tips for Choosing an Outside Caterer

This weeks Top tips are coming to you from the "Super Cool Team Twelve"
Twelve Top Tips for Choosing an Outside Caterer

1. There are many things that are remembered about your big day but the one thing that absolutely everyone on your wedding day is involved in is the food. It’s the one thing that everyone will have an opinion on and therefore it’s got to be the very best and the most memorable. It is vital therefore that the caterers you select are going to serve excellent quality food, presented stunningly that tastes amazing whether it be fish and chips or foie gras.

2 Decide a catering budget. There are many types and styles of receptions to choose from. Catering costs are determined by a few factors: the number of guests, the number of courses and food choices you offer, the cost of ingredients, the way the food is served i.e. buffet style of seated service, walking tray service and finally the caterers level of expertise. The more flexible you are about these variables the more your chosen caterer has room to create the best menu for your budget.
A good caterer will want to build a relationship with you. They will always take a brief on what you are looking for, the types of food you are considering for your wedding and they will then try to understand your day, your plans and your wish list. This helps the caterer to create and bespoke menus unique and personal to you. The caterer will want to build this relationship with trust so it’s important that they get to know you. This ensures that on the day you are comfortable with them, their style and how they are going to present themselves and their team to your expectant hungry guests.

4. Efficiency in communication – a good caterer will be in constant contact with you by email and or phone, updating information as it changes and decisions are made so that your records are always up to date.
5. A caterer should be flexible, they should be prepared to move things around for you and work with you to create your perfect menu.

6. Always take a caterers advice they are generally giving it to you for a good reason. Not everything works and they will know what does and doesn't translate well to large parties. A sign of a good caterer is one that is honest with you.

7. Try before you buy – always request a tasting before you book a caterer. Any caterer wanting to gain your business will be happy to offer you a complimentary tasting of your proposed menu, whether the catering is in house in a hotel or outside caterers. It’s imperative you see the exact menu, presented on the crockery in the exact style that it will be presented to your guests on the wedding day. You can then access, the quality of the cuisine, the produce used, the balance of the menu and the portion sizes.

8. If at all possible try to do the tasting at a similar time of year your wedding is booked for – your body feels differently about food in different seasons. You might think a menu is perfect trying it on a hot summer’s day, but will it work the same if your wedding day is on a crisp winter day with snow on the ground?

9. Understand the different styles of service available from caterers and decide what is right for you. At team Twelve our staff our praised for their energy, skill and diplomacy. Whether the occasion is formal or informal, we offer a peerless standard of service delivered in a friendly, attentive and efficient manner.

10. Seek other supplier’s opinions about caterers. Suppliers will see your caterers at work behind the scenes so ask your photographer or your florist their opinion of a caterer you may be considering they will be able to tell you things the general public never see – but if they are a good caterer they are things that they wouldn't mind showing on a giant screen at the top of Blackpool Tower.

11. Ask to see customer testimonials there should be plenty, if not what is this telling you.

12. Attention to detail. Look at photographs of your caterer’s previous events, not just their
Stage managed web sites. Are the table cloths straight especially on top table, are they
Beautifully pressed? Is the cutlery perfectly polished and position straight on the tables? Is
Everything symmetrically arranged, or arranged to look stunning. How is the food presented?
On the plate? All these tell you one very very important thing about your caterer – THEY CARE.
But most importantly they care about every wedding because every one is unique
and equally important.

Have a great day
From a bunch of self confessed foodies

Caroline, Paul and Team Twelve
Marsh Mill Village
Thornton Cleveleys
01253 82 12 12
I really love working with Caroline, Paul and all the team from Twelve, they are truly passionate about their food, service and overall management of an event, their particular brand of catering is innovative, imaginative and totally immaculate, (I love the white gloves when they are laying the tables, my flowers certainly look better on a table laid with such precision!).
But most of all these people are really, truly cool, the staff always look and behave in such a graceful way almost choreographed, sounds a bit crazy I know, but I love it, the point is this, when I'm working with them or when I'm a guest at one of their events I feel "cool" by association, I've just tried to explain this last paragraph to Sarah here in the office in order to gain some clarification of what I'm trying to say....
She said the look is "Effortless Perfection" and I think she's got it spot on!


Adele Yeomans said…
Superb top tips from a team who live up to every inch of their professionalism, expertise and fabulous food! Theyve been here so many times we cannot recommend them highly enough.
Adele and All at Team TGHM

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