Part 2. Wedding Advice from My Favourite Wedding Professionals: Steve & Stephanie Ashton's Top Tips for Choosing your Wedding Photographer

I'm really enjoying this, it's a bit like having guest writers on my blog, so this is the 2nd part in our series "All about Weddings, Top Tips" last week Howard Wing told us about selecting the very best wedding singers, this week we have the totally wonderful Steve & Stephanie Ashton telling us about selecting the very best Wedding Photographer for you, I hope you'll enjoy...

Ten Top Tips for selecting the perfect photographer for your wedding day

by Steve & Stephanie Ashton of Ashton Photography

1. Your wedding photographs are very important, after your big day, they are all you will have left to bring back those fantastic memories, so don't take chances. Ensure the photographer you choose is a full time professional . Wedding photography is not just about photography... many factors play a big part in being a good wedding photographer. These skills come with experience are the sign of true professionals

2. Ask to see samples of complete and full weddings which your photographer has photographed. It's very easy for non professionals to photograph models in stunning locations with nothing to get in the way of photography. A true professional wedding photographer will have many examples of full wedding at many locations.

3. Consider the style of pictures you like and want. Photographers all have a style and way of working which is almost like a signature. Choose a photographer who takes the type of images you like. Also take into consideration your venue and what type of pictures can be taken.

4. When considering a photographer, don't worry if they have not worked in your venue before. As with any profession photographers enjoy and produce their best work when working in different and new locations.

5. Give some thought to the time you want to dedicate to posed or formal photographs on your wedding day. Large numbers of group pictures take time, so keep them to a minimum and spend more time with your guests than the photographer.
6. Look at the quality of albums produced by you shortlisted photographers and make sure you fully understand what you will be getting for your money.

7. Make sure your chosen photographer is fully insured , all professionals will be and will be able to produce proof of their insurance.

8. Many photographers offer the option of two photographers. Make sure the second photographer is a real photographer not just an assistant who takes some pictures on the day. Ask to see samples of the second photographers work.

9. When planning your wedding, take into account the light conditions at the specific times of the day. It goes dark early in winter, so outside pictures will not be really possible. Just use some common sense and if unsure ask you photographer.

10. Finally ask to see past client thank you letters and testimonials from you photographer. This will give you a good idea of how satisfied past clients have been.


Crafty Baker said…
Great tips, thank you x

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