Sarah & Neil Taylor's Wedding at St Annes Singleton & The Gibbon Bridge, Fabulous Photographs by Aggie McGuinness (& a secret about photographers too)

This is a fantastically wet wedding day photographed by the indomitable Aggie McGuinness.
Now then this is the thing, a kind of secret really, that for whatever reason photographers forget to blow their own trumpet about, well really good professional photographers like Aggie I mean, they can, and do take amazing photographs in the rain, when its dark, with no space, with no time, with lots of pressure, photographs of Bridesmaid's that refuse to look happy and so on and so on, that's why we need to pay the big bucks to hire them, Uncle Fred with his fab camera can't do this, I definitely can't do this and neither can the chap whose driving the cars.
So make sure you get yourself a really great photographer any of the photographers I mention on the posts throughout my blog are just the type of Photographers you need; proper ones!!
So welcome to a very beautiful Church St Annes at Singleton, normally a church where the canopy of the trees protects the bridal party from showers of rain, but not on this occasion, the heavens well and truly opened. On days like these the flowers that decorate the interior of the Church are so important, lots more time than usual will be spent within its walls.
Obviously we didn't know it was going to rain so heavily when we planned these designs (We do live in England where rain is quite common so I'm not that clever!) but I'm glad we planned lovely pew end designs of Fantasia Anthuriums & Cream Vendella Roses.Glorious Pedestal Designs with majestic candles in the centre
Delicious porch arrangements of Hydrangeas, Roses & Anthuiums
We created an arch of flowers around the door which worked perfectly for taking kind of inside out photographs of the bride and groom later
The Lytch Gate too was dressed with lanterns and swags of fresh flowers
Neil & his Best Man arrived early so we could pin their buttonholes on

The Groom wore a very simple and elegant Akito Rose Buttonhole
The Bridesmaid's looked fabulous in their pewter gowns, I'd made "Marshmellow" bridesmaid's bouquets of Roses, Peonies & Grasses

Sarah didn't even notice the rain, she just looked completely radiant in her exquisite Ian Stuart gown, Sarah's wedding bouquet in pale pink & ivory was perfectly matched to her wedding gown.
Ian Stuart is available from the lovely Sheree at One & Only In Preston

Huge Congratulations to a fantastic Couple

Then to a superb wedding venue Gibbon Bridge, where calmness reigns and organisation is second nature.
The tables were named after cocktails so huge cocktail glasses were used in the centre and two smaller ones at either end, we filled them with a cocktail of Delphiniums, Hydrangeas, Roses & Anthuriums.

Very Handsome Boys
And truly gorgeous girls
A Profusion of loveliness, wedding Bouquet & Bridesmaid's Bouquets

And now for the really clever stuff, Aggie McGuinness at her best, these gorgeous images really capture the chemistry between these two and I love them!

The Top Table flanked by the Church Pedestals

This was such a memorable day, but with photographs as beautiful as these no detail no matter how small will ever be forgotten, many, many thanks to my lovely friend Aggie McGuiness for sending me these stunning pictures, Aggie & I have been working together for the past ten years and whenever a bride comes into our studio and says she's booked Aggie I just know it's going to be a great wedding!


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