The Perfect Mothers Day Gift; David Austin Roses, Flower Design Entertainment & Instruction, Dalmeny Hotel Hospitality Who Could Ask For More?

Floristry Workshop Weekend in Association With David Austin Roses 25th & 26th April 2010
These workshops can be split into bite sized pieces;
Either one day £25 inclusive of Instruction, Breakfast Pastries, Lunch & Afternoon Tea or both days £50 with overnight accomodation inclusive of above and Dinner £92.50. A Bargain!
On the Sunday 25th We'll be designing table centrepieces with David Austin Roses and a fabulous selection of Flower Design goodies & On the Monday 26th we'll be creating Hand Tied masterpieces, we'll be splitting the group up depending on their ability so no worries for those of you who consider themselves to be beginners or for those florists amongst you who'd like to have a weekend by the sea but can't leave your flowers behind.
For the full weekenders we'll be organising an access all areas visit to Flower Design with a look at our off site workroom, the bridal studio and the cooler unit, for our florist friends we will be happy to share lots of our event tips.
We will provide scissors, aprons, work sheets, flowers & containers, so there's no need to buy any equipment.
The Floral Designs you will create will be charged for on the day dependent upon size and content. eg. Small:£30.00-Medium:£45.00-Large:£65.00
To Book just call The Dalmeny directly on 01253 712236
Click on the poster for a closer look!
Here's a link to the Christmas Workshop so you can see how it works.


flowers said…
Thanks for sharing the mothers day gift ideas. It was nice going through your blog.
Well, that's interesting! Wish I can also join in that workshop some other time. Thanks for sharing.

Its been nice sharing a workshop like this. Anyway,it has a good gifts as well keep posting!


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