Kirkham Grammar Ladies Luncheon Flower Design Demonstration at Bartle Hall 15th March 2010

Welcome to The Windsor Suite at the totally fabulous Bartle Hall, I was asked by the Yvonne and the lovely ladies of Kirkham Grammar Ladies Lunch Club to come along a give a presentation to their members.


As this was the morning after the night before (i.e. Mothers Day) I did for-warn them that they may be in for a bit of a bumpy ride, they didn't seem phased though!So I started with a collection of glass vases each with their own simple elegant spring design

Spring VasesThen on to a low "Carpet" of roses design

And where bettter to photograph it than on the red carpet

Then onward and upward to my finale piece

A Phalaenopsis & contorted Hazel design

There were some seriously gorgeous ladies in attendance....


Phalaenopsis Orchids

Thank you so much for inviting me along to entertain you ladies of Kirkham Grammar, I asked for my fee to be split into two cheques one for Trinity Hospice in the Fylde & the other for Blackpool Fylde & Wyre Society for the Blind both of which have been posted out and I'm sure they'll be gratefully recieved by these worthy causes.


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