Lynsey & Tommy's "Chocolate" Spring Wedding Day at St Joseph's, Ansdell & The Clifton Arms, Lytham

We had the very best of times with Lynsey, Tommy and all of their families & friends, first of all though I must tell you we hadn't actually met Lynsey until the Thursday before the wedding, Lynsey & Tommy live and work in Australia, so we had a bit of an e-mail relationship going on.
Lynsey's Mum Margaret was incredible though she knew exactly what was required so when we met up on Thursday it was just a case of dotting the i's and crossing the t's, making a quick mock up of the bouquet, which needed a little addition of the soft apricot shade (Gracia Creme Rosa Floribunda), you see Lynsey had a tan, it is after all summer "Down Under" and she has that heavenly summer glow we all long for at this time of the year.
We had to do the entire "bouquet holding lesson" on the morning this is our Gary standing in for the groom.
The hair and of course the make up were done beautifully by Stewy Vuitton from "S and P Hair" and the lovely Jane from "Pure Beauty"

Margaret deserved a treat so we filled her home with co-ordinating spring blooms.So these are a few of my thoughts shared with Lynsey across the miles....
Chocolate Pleasures
Key words: Chocolate Vintage, Antique, 1950’s, Romantic, Pleasures, Classics, Rich, Dreams, Australia, Precious, Bittersweet.
Colours: Ivory, Chocolate, Mocha, clotted cream, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Early Spring Ivory’s and Greens.
Flowers: Lily of the Valley, Metallina, Ivory and cream Vendella roses, Viburnum Opulus pale green flower, Gracia Crème Spray rose, Chocolate Hypericum, Kangaroo Paw (Angiozanthos), Tuberose, Eucalyptus, Black Tie Dracena leaves, hydrangea, Rosemary, Cream Gerberas with chocolate brown centres, Cream tulips, Chocolate Anthurium, Rudbeckia, viburnum tinus.
Sundries: Clear glass, Candles
Shapes: Roundish, gathered
Designs: Clusters, groups, garden gathered, with protective loops of pussy willow
Senses heightened by: Fragrance, light, texture, colour and taste.
St Joseph's at Ansdell is a seriously majestic Church, it requires tall designs and something with just the slightest hint of red to compliment the carpet. I've used Viburnum Opulus, Pussy Willow, Chocco Anthuriums, Calla Lilies, Metalina Roses and Lissianthus
We dressed the pews with a cluster of Lissianthus, Vendella Roses & Germini's

I hung a swag of fresh flowers from the lectern
Gary spraying everything
Then the boys arrived, Metalina Rose Boutonnierres for the Ushers
A Crystal Blush Calla Lily with rolled Metalina & Vendella Rose petals and some Hypericum Berries to give it that extra flourish, for Tommy our lovely Groom.
Now compared to Australia, it's pretty chilly round these parts at this time of the year, a quick shot of Jameson's from The Blossoms across the road was called for.

The Groom's parents wearing matching Buttonhole & Corsage
The totally fabulous Bride's Mum Margaret looking so beautiful
We dressed her handbag with Roses & Lissianthus
The Bridesmaid's Bouquets were creted in a very gentle style with the loops of grasses and Pussy Willow creating a cage over the precious blooms.

Lynsey looked absolutely stunning, she'd had her gown made for her back in Australia it was quite honestly breath taking!

Lynsey's Bouquet included Viburnum Opulus, Gracia Creme spray Roses, Vendella & Metalina Roses, Crystal Blush Calla Lilies and one of my all time favourites Lily of the Valley.

The biggest of congratulations to Tommy & Lynsey A Huge basket of fresh rose petal confetti
Then to The Clifton Arms
We arranged really tall vases on some of the tables with a very natural hand tie in the top.
Then on the low tables huge glass Goldfish Bowls
We transferred the pew ends on to the backs of the chairs and the two pedestals to either side of the top table

This really was a fabulous day, and every credit should go to Margaret the brides Mum for planning and organising like a pro! it was brilliant.


Adele Yeomans said…
I love the chocolatey brown theme here Jane, stunning ! well, I just love 'chocolate'!

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