January Wedding at The White Church & The Imperial Hotel

A bright clear January day on The Fylde Coast, The White Church is a truly beautiful Church and Reverend Phillips is simply brilliant so I always feel very excited when I have an opportunity to visit, dress and attend the Wedding service there.

This day was no exception and the Bride & Groom had a seriously "Sweet Tooth" but more of that later in the posting.

Flowers were everywhere from the Gateposts to the elaborate interior

We used two pairs of Bay Trees and lanterns to frame the entrance, the hand rail and lanterns were festooned with garlands of fresh foliages and fragrant blooms.

Inside this magnificent building I dressed the ends of each alternate pew with Anthuriums, Nerines & Roses, these nosegays were placed high on the pews to allow as much "Skirt" space as possible lower down.
There were two large arrangements flanking the ceremony space, these were arranged in large Urns with a huge Pillar candle in the centre and swathes of fresh Smilax from Italy spiralled around the base.
We placed one symmetrical design just behind the registrars table, central to the ceremony.

The two mums had their hand bags dressed with fresh flowers

The gorgeous
Bride wore a halter neck gown with pale pink piping, her Bridesmaid's were in a more vivid shade of pink. The pink wedding bouquet included all of the brides favourite flowers Gerbera, Oriental Lily, Anemones, Roses, Nerines and Calla Lilies

We prepared cones of fresh Rose Petals

The Bride & Groom were showered with them as they left to go to The Imperial
The Floral & Sweetie/Candy Seating Plan
Each table was named after the Bride & Groom's favourite guilty pleasure

The designs from The White Church were arranged around this exquisite Ball Room

The Pew End Nosegays graced the back of the chairs along the length of the top tableWe used out Black wrought iron candelabras with garlands and arrangements of fresh flowers

The Chocolate Cake tiers were seperated by pink roses

Each guest had a Chocolate Treat (To co-ordinate with the table name) and a flower at their place

Huge congratulations to the lovely couple


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