Flower Design on Come Dine with Me, Channel 4 Last night

This is the link to our few minutes of fame on Channel 4 last night we're on about 6 minutes in to the show, let us know what you think. You'll see the shop, Jason, Rachel & me.
Or just click on play...
Play Now Playing Play in Pop-out Series 5 Episode 55 Come Dine with Me Extra Portions (24 mins) [S] 7.35PM

The Filming at Flower Design was a full day last summer and it's unbelievable how little footage comes from so much filming.


flwrjane said…
you have the most energy of any floral designer in know, and i'm no slouch. but at this time of year to be doing tv shoots and floral demonstrations....i'm in awe. hope it's catching.

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