Flower Design & Jonny Draper Photography Excursion to Manchester United Versus Spurs in The Carling Cup

Jess, Rachel, Olivia & I have now decided that this is the only way to see football; In a private box with a fabulous dinner and a 2 nil victory for Manchester United!Jonny & his wife and office manager Emma treated us to the most spectacular evening,
This excitable pose was taken when Man United had scored their second goal.Jonny & Emma and all of us
These pictures of the uber glamarous Rachel & Jessica were taken after the crowds had dispersed and we were all enjoying the hospitality
Jonny was capped!
Part of The Flower Design Team
Me & the big guy
Our Olivia and her "Rugby Buff" boyfriend the lovely "Seany G"
This is inside the box which looked a little bit like how I imagine a space ship to look, we had our own big plasma screen and computer operated lights and curtains, a drinks fridge and everything, it was I have to admit totally amazing.

We had a most brilliant evening, one we won't forget so huge thanks to Jonny & Emma and Jonny's super brilliant Dad who it seems may possibly be adopting us in the very near future...

Link to Jonny's great blog here


Was a great night - thanks to you all for coming and nice to actually socialise with you instead of working (although we do have almost as much fun when we're working!)

See you soon!


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