Flower Design Christmas House Decorating

Jason does all of our house decorating and a great job he does of it too, however photography was a little lacking this year due to the fact that both of our cameras were being used at weddings so the following pictures were taken on our only wedding free day over Christmas I hope you'll enjoy...
First up then an elegant Green Goddess, White Amaryllis & Palm vase for a kitchen bar, I know this one would've looked splendid on Christmas Day when all the Amaryllis were open and showing off!
Hall table design of Cymbidium Orchids, Roses, Anthuriums & Oriental Lilies

Coffee Table design in hot pink and Green

Matching windowsill designs of Ruby Amaryllis, Black Baccara Roses & Ilex Verticularta
Stair case Garland of spruces
Staircase Garland of Spruces & Eucalyptus

Christmas Door Wreath of Eucalyptus & Spruces


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