Christmas Buying in Holland This Week

Jason & I were in Holland earlier on this week, we were in search of inspirational items for the shop displays, we also needed to buy some flowers for a last minute wedding but there'll be more of that on Mondays posting I think.I fell in love with these ballet manequins (a tidsy bit out of our price range but very beautiful all the same, we're going back to Holland next week for plant buying so if anyone wants one of these lovelies just let me know think in £100's though)

Uber Modern Christmas Trees
These little trees reminded me of animated christmas tv shows of my childhood.

Grape Vine Reindeers
I love this black and white Christmas display, we have a little of this look in our left window I'll try to remember to take a photograph tonight to show you tomorrow
Reindeers and Elks

Have a great Pre-Christmas and "X-Factor Final" weekend!


Sprout said…
Way to make a girl green with envy (holiday green)!
Wow! It looks like a real winter wonderland in there - how did you manage to stop yourself from buying the whole lot??!?

And you're not seriously going back AGAIN pre-Christmas are you?!?! You'll be exhausted! (although I do quite like the sound of the champagne in the cabin!)


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