Window Dressing Christmas 2009 at Flower Design

This frosty window design was created by Shirl, she started off by hanging all of the various sized baubles on ribbons from the ceiling.
Shirl's used pieces from our new collection of LSA glass

This is the view from the side

This is the first of our three windows to be completed, by Monday evening we should have "The Christmas Wedding Window" ready for your pleasure, so watch this space.


How beautiful and festive, must get a Christmas display for home ordered...much better than M&S!!
Adele Yeomans said…
Stunning Jane, just stunning!
Manuela said…
Everything about Jane and her team is magnificent!
For this window I feel it needs some life, a little beat colour. Huh? What do you say Jane?
If you just add one more colour?
It seems too much white and glass.

Many kisses and all the bestQ
You know what I think you're right, we'll add some colour next week and I'll show you the results!

Jane x

P.S. Thanks for reading my blog, I really appreciate it!
Jane! I love to see everything that you creat, because everything you do it's magic!
Believe me, I 've been watching different web-sites, different designers from all over the world:
Thomas De Bruyne, Daniels Ost, Gregor Lersh, Per Benjamni etc, I need to see art but also something commercial and you manage to do both domains.
Your creations express royalty, beauty, prefection, a high living standard, pure British style.
And we need to see such arrangements.
I thank you for everything you make.
Manuela Oancea - Studio Floral, Bucharest

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