This Week's Trip to Holland Christmas Sourcing & Ordering

Jason & I go to Holland about once a month to check out what's available, to find new varieties, to source new growers, to keep in touch with new trends and to generally emerse ourselves in fresh flowers and plants.
We visit the wholesale market at the world famous auctions in Aalsmeer near to Amsterdam, the flowers are shown in height/size & colour order by varietal name.
We don't actually bring any fresh flowers or foliages back with us though we do place orders for future dates and take pictures of the products we're most interested in so we can place orders with our buyer on the auctionsThere are a huge number of aspirational designs to inspire weary florists
And a vast quantity of florist sundries and dried articles

This is literally just red berries including Ilex, Rose hips, Skimmia, Hypericum, Crab apples & Pyracanthus.

A festive bowl of Amaryllis
Foliages as far as the eye can see

Some brand new garden style Roses

Jason measuring up some frosted Salix
Just a few of the gorgeous array of winter Hydrangeas
I love these Green Roses the colour is so vivid.Jason & I go on the ferry from Hull to Rotterdam and then drive over land to Aalsmeer, the ship sails through the night so we arrive all fresh and raring to go! (If you say this often enough you do start to believe it!)


Kamila said…
piekne odmiany róż. Dziękuję za możliwośc obejrzenia . ż przyjemnością zaglądam na bloga. pozdrawiam z Polski
I don't envy you the long journey - but it must be pretty exciting seeing all the new things available everytime you go? You must spend a fortune! ("I'll have one of those and three of them, two of those and fifteen of them...etc!!!")


Bree said…
This is so cool, thanks for sharing!

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