"Quality Street" Wedding at Manchester Cathedral & The Bridgewater Hall

Now this one's and oldy but goody, I remembered it when I was shopping last night and saw huge towers of Quality Street tins, so this is from a few years ago but I thought you'd enjoy it ... So this is early on, on the big day the Bride & Groom had one of those really cute apartments by the railway bridges on Whitworth Street for those of you who know the city centre.

The car looked like one of those gorgeous toy cars
The Manchester Sky Line looked like the colours from a box Quality Streets

The ceremony was at The Cathedral
The Bridesmaid's Bouquets were very elegant and fluid to compliment the liquid finish on their gowns, I used Ivory Calla Lilies & Stirling Silver Roses.

We arranged flowers in their hair
Hannah's Groom wore a Crystal Blush Calla together with some sprigs of Lavender and Rolled Stirling Silver Rose Petals.
The Flower Girl Carried a Bouquet almost good enough to eat with Stirling Silver Roses, Scabiosa, Agapanthus & Brodea

Hannah's Bouquet included Blue Curiosa & Stirling Silver Roses, Ageratum, Calla Lilies, Lissianthus and Poppy Seed Heads
Then to The Bridgewater Hall, the table centrepieces were arranged in candy bowls over spilling with Quality Streets and fresh flowers

The napkins were dressed with fresh rose petals
The Cake had a garland of fresh foliages and Quality Streets surrounding it
The Top Table design
The Tall elegant vases had sweets hanging from them

And each table was named after their particular favourites
Each guest had a matching sweetie on their side plate

The Photographer on the day was the very brilliant Aggie McGuinness who is responsible for all of the good photographs on the blog posting, the slighty under parr ones are of course mine.


Sprout said…
Hey there! Is this your work? http://topweddingflower.blogspot.com/2009/08/joanne-wayne-ogden-romance-english.html

On someone else's blog? Or do you have another blog?
Hey Sprout
Thanks for the heads up on that one, they've hi-jacked loads of peoples blogs not just mine with lots and lots of advertising for other florsists all over it, I don't know what do about it though! I'll seek advice from some folks I know who know about this stuff.
Sprout said…
Keep me posted! Another floral friend's blog posts are also lifted word for word with watermarked photos on that site. We're trying to figure out what to do here. I'm assuming it's someone who does it to generate clicks on the ads for the revenue.

PS If you go to their very first post, they have ha link to florist in Ireland - perhaps you can see how legit they are?
Moe said…
hi there, I am a regular reader of Janes blog and am interested in blogging, I had a problem with this when I was using wordpress as my blog, I gave up wordpress and started using blogger instead, after reading this post i looked to see who the florist in Ireland is and to my horror discovered it was me! I have NOTHING to do with this and would like if you find anything out or need me to do anything to let me know, Many Thanks,

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