Number One Supper Club Preview From Wednesday

These two images are from last night and...

I just realised I can't show you the pictures from Tuesday night because it'll give everything away for tonight, so please be patient my friends they'll all be here tomorrow.
Many thanks for all the e-mails, I'm so glad you've all had a great time, and to allay any fears onlytruly beautiful pictures of the great and the good will appear on this here blog so worry not!
These fabulous pictures are of course by the great and beautiful Jonny Draper


Janet Heald said…
For those of you who weren't able to attend any of these wonderful evenings then you missed a TREAT! I attended both Wednesday and Thursday and can honestly say I could have watched and listened to the amazing Jane for a third time! Her passion and enthusiasm are second to none and not only is she a superb florist but a born entertainer too! And to be served such a delicious meal really was the icing on the cake!Thank you Jane and all at Flower Design and Number 1 South Beach for two marvellous events. A special thank you to the gorgeous Olivia for her attention to detail and charming waitressing services.x

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