London in a Weekend

OK so the question is how much can you possibly pack into a two day stay in London?
Jason and I intended to go down on the train, check in on Rebecca, make sure she’s eating properly and all those other “mumsy” things I am by instinct and maternal devotion trained to spot, “mither” and nag about.
The idea of course was to have a little break an "Afda" (A few days away to coin a Ganleyism). But we should have known, prepared and infact trained better for this whirl wind tour of our capital.

Rebecca is not a girl known for her patience, her desire for peace and quiet is non existent, so when we arrived at Euston at 11:00 last Sunday having been awoken by the alarm at 5:00, we pictured ourselves checking in at the Hotel, enjoying a leisurely lunch, then back to the hotel, little nap before The X Factor final and finishing off with long luxurious sleep with a bit of a lie in to follow.

Not too much to ask eh? The lunch was truly spectacular at my favourite restaurant in the entire world, St John it looks un-assuming, but honestly the food is wondrous, we all had, as we always do, such creatures of habit, the Bone Marrow Salad, it should be one of those things you have to do before you die! Roasted Guinea Fowl and then a Pear & Treacle Pudding which was literally to die for.

We were then frog marched around some of her favourite drinking establishments before finally falling into bed too late to look at the time.
We were woken at the crack of dawn to go to Roast at Borough Market for a splendiferous breakfast, Rebecca has been an enforced Veggie since she couldn’t afford to eat meat, she does however partake when we’re paying.

A short walk followed, before a guided tour around Shakespeare’s Globe, Val our tour guide was really amazing and a great time was had by all
Then to The Tate Modern for a visit to The Poetry & Dreams exhibition I particularly loved this painting by Meredith Frampton, the vase in the painting is perfect, the shape so exquisite, I am in search of one just like it.

We plodded across the Millennium Bridge before hitting St Paul’s it cost £11.00 per adult to visit this beautiful Church so Jason took a bit of convincing.

Next stop Soho for tea at Yumchaa I love their Regent Park & Mango Sunrise blends, Jason prefers coffee so a trip to Flat White was in order before Oxford Street, loads of shops and shopping, by this time I’m seriously flagging but Rebecca’s still raring to go.

We visited various flower emporiums including the florist at Liberty and the one in Fortnum & Mason where I also purchased a brand new and more practical tea strainer for work.
By now of course we’re on Piccadilly and The Wolseley is calling me to rest my weary body and enjoy some proper English hospitality, it was superb as always and I was so sad to leave with my little box of left over goodies ready for the train.

We left Euston around 9:00 arriving at Stockport Station at 11:00 a quick visit to my wonderful Mother in Laws to pick up our car and more importantly our ironing finally arriving in Blackpool at 1:00 am

On Tuesday Morning I awoke Refreshed & Revitalised!!!!!!!


This reminds me of my sister's blog. It's not active any more, but she kept it while she lived abroad in London for about 4 years.
How much did you fit in?!?!? I'd have needed a holiday to recover from that trip!!!


Adele Yeomans said…
Sounds like a wonderful trip and yes, you do need to recover now from all that 'gadding about'! I bet Rebecca is just loving it there! I think Ill have to go and visit Josh in Leeds, or...maybe not eh..? wink wink..
Anonymous said…
Oh how wonderful, you're so lucky to have such an independent, beautiful, talented, i could go on but in a nutshell perfect daughter to show you the marvels of London. I only wish she was my daughter. X

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