Cathy & Gavin's Cassis Wedding Day at St Cuthbert's Church and Stanley House

So this is one of the most perfect Wedding Days ever, from the fabulous families, to the perfect weather, nothing could be improved upon.

We delivered the bridal bouquets to the family home, we presented the bridal bouquet to Cathy and she loved it... a perfect start to a perfect day.

Kate the beautiful flower girl carried a smaller version of the older bridesmaid's bouquets

We decorated the family home with vases of fresh flowers.
We met the bridesmaids on their way back from the hairdressers where fresh flowers were placed in their hair.

St Cuthberts looked magnificent with fresh pedestal designs surrounding hurricane lamps.
I used a combination of Calicarpo, Orchids, Proteas, Callas and Anthuriums to creat these seasonal designs.

The Pew ends were dressed with Amnesia Roses, Callas, Calicarpo and Skimmia Berries.

St Cuthberts is a truly majestic church that really does have it all a superb minister Andrew Clitherow, an excellent Music Department, a Lytch Gate, Real Bells and the most perfect interior, who could ask for more?

The Lytch Gate was dressed with fresh flowers and foliages, the day looked so good it was hard to believe it was November.

The Church door arch was dressed sympathetically, it fitted the architecture beautifully.
Gavin, Cathy's handsome groom, we made him a very special Groom's Bouttoniere.

The Bridesmaid's Bridal Bouquets were matched beautifully with the purple gowns.

Congratulations to this gloriously happy couple

The Brides elegant grandmother carried a lovely handbag dressed with fresh flowers

Then to the eclectic and quite fabulous Stanley House, this is one of the most spectacular wedding venues in the North of England and certainly worth a visit if you're planning a wedding, the food is exquisite and the event team headed up by the lovely Emma Eccleston is seriously on the ball with lots of ideas and suggestions to ensure you wedding is both beautiful and memorable.

The Top Table was dressed with a series of goldfish bowls with spheres of fresh flowers contained within them.

The table cenres were set on tall elegant LSA vases with superb tall designs including Calicarpo Berries, Lucky Bamboo and Proteas.

This really was one of our most exceptional weddings and one we'll always remember with a smile


Certainly one of our favourite weddings and the first time we met you and saw your amazing work!
In fact some of Cathy's flowers are featured in this months Weddings Ideas magazine! See you soon Stephanie x
Mike said…
I am poleaxed by this beautiful blog! Your clients must think they have died and gone to (a beautifully flower-strewn) heaven. Congratulations and keep up the great work.

Mike Booth
Granada, Span

P.S. Be careful, this blog could morph into a magazine or a TV show!
cassandrina said…
This is absolutly my favourite entry, smooth and romantic atmosphere, modern and classic suggestions, perfect!!

Well done!

floweradvisor said…
love the purple theme :)

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