Afshan & Gareth's Teal & Ivory Civil Ceremony at The Barton Grange Hotel

I love this teal wedding bouquet, Teal wedding flowers are quite problematic but certainly not impossible. We delivered the Bridal Bouquets up to Afshan's bedroom at Barton Grange where there was an atmosphere of total excitement, Afshan loved her bouquet when we did the bouquet holding lesson.
Gareth had sent his bride a bouquet of fresh flowers The three Bridesmaids were all lined up and ready...
Gareth wore a Crystal Blush Calla with Eryngium Thistle & Alchemilla Mollis Afshan's brother wore a Jade Rose with China Grass

The ceremony room looked quite fabulous with two elegant vases with teal coloured water on stands framing the Registrars table. We placed a simple co-ordinating design on the end chair of every other row.

Gareth & Afshan many congratulations Afshan's bridal bouquet included Jade & Akito Roses, Eryngium, Christal Calla Lilies, Eucalyptus and fresh foliages, I completed the design with teal pearls and teal bullion

Teal is a fabulous shade but quite difficult to team with fresh flowers, I think this bridemaids bouquet looks perfect with the teal gown

The Bridesmaid's Bouquets included Arabicum Chincherinchees, Agapanthus, Callas, Eryngium and foliages, each of these bouquets were also finished off with teal bullion

The Bridal Gown & Bridesmaids were by Alfred Angelo and were purchased from Dan Kerr Bridal in Blackpool

The room was then changed around ready for the wedding breakfast

Afshan and Gareth were a great couple to work with, they were very careful and considered about their choices and I think the results were absolutely stunning and bang on budget!


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