Sally's Birthday and a Special Little Visitor

Sally gets a surprise...
We all pretended we'd forgotten her Birthday all morning and then feigned shock and surprise when Rebecca phoned to wish her a Happy Day, of course we always knew, of course we'd never forget, we were just all so super busy that the pre ordered cake didn't make it up to Sally's office until nearly 2:00pm

I keep telling her that candlelight is flattering

Then we noticed a little visitor in the side window munching on some ears of corn, he was humanley captured and released into Ashton Gardens, I hope he doesn't come back for some of Sally's Cake.


Moe said…
Ooooh, I really wish I had his willpower! Corn is so much better for you than cake but the cake looks so much nicer! Thanks for the follow Jane, I am honoured!
Anonymous said…
HAHAHA!!! Love it! Poor Sal not getting any cake until nearly 2pm!


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