"Poppy Love" Flower Design Wedding of The Lovely Jane & Matthew Shaw at The Grand Hotel St Annes

This is one of those weddings that I just love, Jane & Matthew are great friends of ours and we felt very honoured and privileged to be asked to create “The Flower Design Look” for their big day, the “Lovely Jane” from Pure Beauty has sensational taste, she is also totally gorgeous and Matthew is the archetypal tall dark and handsome groom everyone dreams of so here are some of the details, they were married at The Grand Hotel in St Annes and had their wedding breakfast there too.

Their much loved Spaniel Poppy was not allowed, which caused an element of disappointment, therefore in homage to the absent Poppy we included lots of Poppy Seed Heads to make up for it….

The ceremony space at The Grand is huge, the chair dressings by Creative Cover Hire look so classy and really add to the bridal feel.
The back of some of the chairs were dressed with Poppy seed heads, Amnesia Roses & Chocco Anthuriums.
These are my prelimnary thoughts and inspiration sent to Jane & Matthew…
Poppy Love
The most important aspects we want to bring out of your day are those of difference, fashion, independence, personality and Sparkiness. All part of your character and relationship that when brought together produce a truly beautiful and unique picture.

· Conveying the fashionable nature of both of you is an integral feature and focuses in on all aspects of your day. In order to create such an image we will use new and unique shapes and styles. Funky, fresh flowers of unusual origin and aesthetics – proteas and anthuriums. Using complimentary yet contemporary colour schemes.

· The independent side of your character will be represented in each individual flower; each member of each arrangement ought to be able, in terms of boldness, beauty and all in between, to stand on its own as you do or to be co-joined to other beautiful flowers as you and Matthew will do. Ensuring that the details are just as gorgeous as the overall picture, in turn, creating that difference.

· Difference, in that it is something unique and special both to and for you. For the most part, the flowers have got to suggest sharpness, the designs will be unexpected and thought provoking, we do need to have a mixture of very tall and very low designs on the tables (height differentials between you and Matthew).

· As such, we will arrange them in quite an angular manner. This is the Sparkiness and sense of ambition and will continue the contemporary theme whilst ensuring elegance. However, this is where a paradox occurs, in that; each of the flowers themselves will be delicate, with soft, round edges, curls and swirls. Such a paradox is evident in the venue itself, its external tradition of The Grand and its internal modernity.

· Finally, personality, which is prominent in all the included themes, but is more so in each individual flower, specifically in your wedding bouquet. For instance, the ginger for passion and heat, the calla lilies for elegance and purity and of course the poppy seed head to represent Poppy herself.

We really hope you will love the thoughts behind the designs….. Essentially they are to represent you and Matthew and your love for each other and of course your Poppy.

The Flower Design Seating Plan

Table Name

Jane & Matthew's Mini got dressed up too, Matthew arrived bright and earlyGuests taking in the seating plan, Matthew looking quite nervous
We'd dressed the posseur tables with small Martini glasses
The utterly beautiful Jane looking so relaxed and happy
Jane wore a Suzanne Neville gown from Dreamcatcher Bridal in Kirkham, the design was so perfect for Jane she does have seriously great taste.

The Bridesmaid's were just perfect Daniella 13, Lucy 13, Melissa 10, Monique 10 and Little Olivia only 18 months old we made her a little teddy bear with the fresh flowers stiched on.
Huge congratulations to two of the nicest people we know!

The Bridesmaid's Bouquets included Paphiopedilum Orchids, Poppy Seed Heads, Callas, Roses & Lily of the Valley.
The Girls hair was done by our very dear friend Stewart from S & P Hair and what a fabulous job he did, Jane's looked particularly exquisite.

We made tiny boutonnieres of rose buds for the little people

Stewart had put a few rose buds in the girld hair
Matthew's Poppy Buttonhole with fresh Lily of the Valley and rolled Rose Petals

Jane's Bridal Bouquet included a plethora of magnificent autumnal flowers and textures including Lotus, Chocolate Anemones, Xanadu, Rosehips, Paphiopedilum Orchids, Roses, Proteas, Anthuriums & Gerbera Centres.

Isobel Jane's super glamarous Mum looked stunning, we dressed her hand bag with Metalina & Vendella Roses

Everyone is getting ready to shower the very happy couple with fresh rose petals

The girls on the bridge are ready How fabulous

Wrist corsage in ivory and A Red Arrows Fly Past

The tables were dressed with towering designs in LSA vases, fresh Gingers, Proteas, Anthuriums and a whole host of autumnal goodies

Jane gave her lady guests a bottle of Elemis Lavender Shower Gel, we dressed them with a little posy of Lavender, Rosemary & Poppy.

Brian with the Pure Beauty girls

This really was one of the days you remember always, a truly special celebration for two very special people.


Isy said…
Lovely wedding! And lovely flower arrangements :-) I really like this blog, since I will be getting married in 7 months, it's nice to get some ideas :-) I hope you do not mind :-)
Beach Vintage said…
I love the little teddy bear with the stitched on flowers. How cute. This is a magnificent wedding and the flowers are just as stunning. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage.

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