A beautiful October Wedding in Blackcurrant Sorbet Shades, Photography by Spencer Cartwright of Repartage

Another set of sumptuous images from the fabulous Spencer Cartwright of Repartage Photography, A little word about the seriously on trend Mr Cartwright, he is a joy to work with, he does seem to be every where and no where, in as much as he is unobtrusive, he climbs walls, he lies on the floor, he pirouettes on bridges all in the name of getting the shot, he is also a bit of a "Diet Coke Break" kinda guy for girls like me!

He is based in London so we don't get to work with him too often which is a shame but over the next few weeks you'll get to see his work from some of the weddings we've shared over the past season, so I won't fill in the gaps of whose, who and what flowers I've used as that info is all here

The original Flower Design Posting from this beautiful wedding is right here


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