Chloe & Jeremy's “Jewels of Autumn” Wedding Day at St Cuthbert's & The Grand

This gloriously autumnal wedding was last Friday, we caught up with Chloe & her lovely Mum Mary after they'd been to Fenerty's for all things beauty.

Chloe has the most perfect colouring for this time of year and though her taste is elegantly classical she really wanted her flowers to be a riot of jewel shades.

The bouquet I designed for her was in a sumptuous “Flower Design” hand tied style with Mango & Schwartzwalder Calla lilies, Viburnum Opulus berries, Rosehips, Cardifolium Leucaspernum, Carthamus, Black Baccara Rose, Dill, Rosemary, Naranga Roses, Green Hydrangea, Jasmine, Autumn Coloured Foliages and plumes of Champagne Grass, I bound the handle in ivory satin and clasped it with a vintage pearl brooch (For a bit of something old).

Then on to one of my all time favourite Churches, St Cuthbert's in Lytham, you see this Church has it all.
A wonderful and seriously memorable minister Canon Andrew Clitherow.
Bells, now you really do need bells to get your heart fluttering.

An amazing organist Peter Jebson in fact they have their own music department with various choirs and soloists (including Nicola who I'll tell you about later) all of whom are fabulous.

It has a Lytch gate, nothing says "There's a wedding here today" better than a lytch gate dressed with fresh flowers.

They have their own Red carpet and beautifully looked after grounds no mean feat when you're so close to the sea.

And this is another Church that feels loved when you walk in, it has a very special atmosphere...

Enough about the Church and onwards with flowers, I really need to get my priorities sorted out!

Our brilliant Vicky, Garland maker extrodinaire created this full and luscious garland to decorate the very simple Lytch Gate, she's used Macarena & Tamango Spray Roses, Leonidas, Metalina, Sedum & Skimmea, Quercus, Callas & Fresh Dahlias.

The Gents Mango Calla & Rose Hip Boutonniere's and The Ladies Schwartwalder & Viburnum Boutonniere's.
The Groom Jeremy had a Mango Calla Lily, Macarena Rose Buds, Acorns & Rose Hips in his very special Groom's Boutonniere.
The Door Arch also created by Vicky and put up by Gary matched the Lytch gate beautifully
The Bay Trees were dressed with co-ordinating Germini Heads

Now this is the sublime Nicola Howard Director of Music Development at St. Cuthbert's Church, she was totally superb and I can whole heartedly recommend her (She was just rehearsing so not the best picture of her still in her jeans) If you'd like to contact her this is her e-mail
The flowers on the end of each alternate pew, were rich and lush with Callas and Roses.
The Church Pedestals (they'll still be there if your passing) were tall and elegant with Eremurus and Hydarangeas.
David rolling out the red carpet..
The official photographer for the day was the very creative and arty Victor Trusch

Jeremy, Chloe's handsome Groom

Chloe's parents
Chloe looked utterly beautiful, just perfect...

We used the pew ends on the posseur tables at The Grand
Tall fabulous LSA vases on each table filled with clear jelly and crab apples with a full and voluptuous design of Roses, Eremurus, Anthuriums and berries on top with trails of Passion Flower drifting to the table top.
The Cake looked magnificent and was made by Cake Creations, the roses used were Naranga & Leonidas
The Grand in St Annes is exceptional, a fabulous hotel with a great banqueting suite, the team headed up by Caroline Shorrock are so switched on and attentive.


mary hudson said…
What a fabulous wedding day we all had. The flowers were stunning. Many, many thanks to Jane and her team for such wonderful service.

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