New Season, New Table Design, Autumn Fruits, Nuts, Berries & Roses on a Three Tiered Stand

"...A time of mellow fruitfulness"

I love the volume of this design but also its transparency, I think it would look totally fabulous in Aubergine shades, with plums and Blackberries...


Heather Cameron said…
Your arrangements are sooo beautiful Jane. I love mixtures like you have done. Very creative and simply stunning. What lucky brides. I use to do wedding flowers about 10 years ago.
Heather Cameron said…
Wow Jane - what a beautiful arrangement - lucky brides!!!
Sprout said…
I love this look! Is there floral foam involved or water tubes? Would you make this on site or in advance and transport it? I'm all about mechanics and logistics. :-)
Janet said…
I've seen a similar centerpiece in aubergine shades. Check out the bottom right corner of this Snippet & Ink inspiration board:
Hi Sprout

We've used netted garland and flat moss, I intend to place loose fruits on the stand at the venue.

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