Lunch at Devonshire Arms

A few weeks ago we went out for Sunday lunch, the four of us and my mum and step Dad. It had been so long since we’d done this, Rebecca’s in London, Olivia has a boyfriend (meaning she always has other plans) and my parents are quite honestly always on holiday or so it seems, so “get togethers” are few and far between.

So this particular Sunday seemed to take on huge importance, it’s astonishing how valuable time spent with my family has suddenly become.

I wonder if I’m becoming “Needy” is it my age? Or just natural evolution, it doesn’t seem that long ago that having a Sunday on our own seemed heaven sent!

We chose a venue close to our hearts, it’s one of those special occasion restaurants that our family loves, over the years when our girls were happy to share a “put you up bed” in a family room, we even stayed there and enjoyed many happy Christmas’s too.

But for now in this present economic climate it has been put on the back burner only to be enjoyed on special occasions.

R, O, my Mum and I all have birthdays within a few weeks of one another so this was just such an occasion.

The food is exceptional, the staff hysterical and brilliant in equal measure, so much so I thought I’d share some high lights with you.

Eric the Belgian Restaurant Manager

You can always judge a great Sunday lunch by the very obvious after effects...

Goodbye Hugs and back to the train station for Rebecca

Many thanks to The Flower Design Team for the extremely generous gift vouchers that made this lunch possible.


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