Introducing a Brand New David Austin Rose Darcy at a Wedding I can't share with you until after it's appeared in OK Magazine!!!

This is the fabulous new cut Rose from David Austin "Darcy" it is a fabulous rose that juxtaposes well with other shades, with Miranda here it appears deep pink, where as when we used it alongsie Patience it really was deep RED (Which is, I presume the colour they want it to be), today I put it with Amnesia and suddenly it became deep purple, I'll post these pics later in the week. We all felt that it was a really good, strong rose, they arrived with us last Thursday and were reaching their peak today, so a good laster too, though for weddings and events you'll need to buy it in, in plenty of time for it to open, these pics were taken on Saturday way before it opened fully.
We will be allowed to share some very beautiful images with you from this utterly exquisite wedding once OK have published their pictures, so we'll all have to keep buying OK for the forseeable future (Not a huge problem for me as I love it!)


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