Secret Garden Wedding at St Michael's & The Inn at Whitewell

The Lytch Gate at St Michael's was decorated with an abundance of fresh flowers and fragrant herbs and foliages, we used Hydrangeas, Peonies, Antique shaded roses, Sweet Peas, Lavender, Rosemary, trails of Ivy and sweet scented Jasmine.

We lined the path way with ivory filigree lanterns on crooks and hung them from the lytch gate on ivory satin ribbons.

Around the doorway we created a bridal arch of lovely fragrant Roses, Sweet Peas, Hydrangeas and dangly Amaranthus. In the Porch area we arranged more Lanterns with clustered candles and fresh floral designs of Delphinium, Antirhinnum, Peonies and Roses.

Inside St Michael's we dressed the end of every other pew with small posies of Hyacinth, Parrot Tulip, Forget me Nots and fresh herbs.

On the font we designed an all round arrangement in co-ordinating flowers and foliages

The Pedestal designs were dominated by Ivory & Pale Blue Delphinium Elatum and some superb Italian Antirhinnums, we incorporated a huge pillar candle to illuminate the design.The colour palette was chosen to compliment the Tapestry and Stained glass Windows of St Michael's.

The arrival of the bridal party, Jenny the exquisitely beautiful bride used to work with us at Flower Design, she is a very beautiful florist and had lots of input into the flowers for her wedding day.

Jenny's bouquet included Paphiopedilum "Ladies Slipper" Orchids, Eucharis Lilies, Faith & Vendella Roses, Lily of the Valley, Forget me Not, Muscari, Peonies and Hyacinths and lots of trailing Jasmine.

The little flower girl carried a tiny "Nosegay" of miniature flowers including Mimi Eden Floribunda Rose, Grape Hyacinth, Lily of the Valley and Champagne Grass.

Many Congratulations to Jenny & Rob we wish you a wonderful life together.
Jenny wore a beautiful Caroline Castigliano Gown, her bejewelled bouquet was designed to reflect the shape of the brooch and ribbons on the gown.

Tiny flowers in the flower girls hair.

The bridesmaids bouquets incorporated a gentle selection of fragrant flowers and Antiqie shaded roses.

The celebrations continued nextdoor at The Inn, we decorated the room in a "Secret Garden" style using Bird Baths and chalices filled with a wonderful array of garden flowers, Lady Birds, butterflies and Birds.

The Flower Design Seating Plan complete with posies of fresh flowers.

Each table is represented by a flower and the guests listed on the attached card.

Each guest had a tiny posy of flowers on their napkin.

The cake was decorated with fresh flowers


Anonymous said…
Did you notice if the swallows still nest in the church porch and if so do they appreciate your beautiful handy work?
Yes the Swallows do still nest there, we always try to take photographs but they're a bit too quick for us.

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