Richard & Judy's Book Club on St Annes Beach Today

Sally & I were asked to review The Senators Wife by Sue Miller for Richard & Judy's Book Club, the filming took place today on our magnificent Beach and also on the terrace at The Island.
Liz Coverdale whose birthday it was today was presented with a beautiful Flower Design Hand Tie, you may recognise Liz as one of our lovely Supper Club Ladies. Happy Birthday!!!

You'll be able to see us on Thursday evening's edition of the show on Watch at 6:00pm

The Senators Wife is an interesting read for a Book Club, I can't honestly say I enjoyed it but there was plenty to discuss and debate, the book is available from our great friends Sue & Elaine from Silverdell Book Shop in Kirkham. Sally having her interview on the beach (St Annes Beach is truly gorgeous and today it looked like the Med)
Me doing mine, Sally was far better than me, she'd made notes and everything, as you may expect she's always so effecient and uber prepared.


Looks like you had a terrible time sat in the glorious sunshine by the beach drinking Pimms!

Nice work!


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