Lowther Pavillion Summer Ball

My good friend Peter Taylor gave me a seriously huge challenge, could we dress the tables for the summer ball (an event designed to raise money for the preservation and upkeep of Lowther) with virtually no budget.

It is amazing how spectacular Chrysanth & Solidago can look with great lighting, super vases and mirror plates and also how much money can be raised by the raffling of these "Creations".

I am not thankfully a "Flower Snob" I do truly love all flowers as long as the quality is good.

I would much rather see vases of Chrysanth and Solidago than bundles of air filled latex, I would hope that goes for everyone other than those people with a "Thing about Rubber"

Paul Rowley and the team from Rowley's Catering were responsible for the banquet which I believe was first class.

And should you wish to use any of my pictures on your blogs etc please do, but do me the good turn of linking back to my site and crediting Flower Design with the imagery, it's just good blogging manners!


Great job on no budget Jane - the room looks fantastic!


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