Louise My First Bride on The Fylde Coast

Now this is the thing about weddings at Flower Design, it's like joining a very special only slightly exclusive club, Louise is a case in point I made her wedding flowers 19 years ago a few weeks after I'd moved to The Fylde and here she is all these years later still buying our flowers.
As Louise said yesterday your wedding flowers are seriously important, for her as important as her choice of venue, dress and possibly just a little less important than her choice of man.
For me as a wedding florist the most wonderful side effect is that I have an opportunity of connecting with the families, making friends, I along with the fabulous FD team work hard to earn their trust and in turn become their florist for every possible occasion or just for the weekly vase, but forever, and this is vital not only for our conitinued existence but also for job satisfaction.
Nothing, and I honestly believe this would be more devastating to our team than if we were to see one of our Brides, Grooms or Parents choosing to buy their flowers from a supermarket, afterall once we've done your wedding we are "Friends" and I'm very grateful for that.


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