David Austin (The Young One) Visits Flower Design

Flower Design Loves David Austin Roses, we make no bones about it, I tell you all about their greatness all the time, I know you love them too because you download the pictures of them and send me emails, so I know you'll understand how excited we were to meet the man himself all be it the younger version!

I have learned from the visit that David (We're on first name terms already) likes his roses open and blousy, romantic and fragrant and to be honest who wouldn't?

So for your and my pleasure here are a couple of delicious images with David Austin's finest included.

Here's everyone in my office, it was an early start so that explains the remnants of breakfast on Sally's desk.
We are really impressed with their passion for Roses, obviously their knowledge, insight and expertise in rose growing is legendery, but their hearfelt love and devotion to the product and the David Austin brand was surprising and inspiring, I often feel like an odity when I'm being uber-enthusiastic about flowers & Flower Design but with these guys I seriously met my match!

From Left to right Jason Thompson, Susan Rushton (marketing manager), David Austin, Moi and Ian Pierce.

We are going to be working the team at David Austin and we're seriously looking forward to it so watch this space for lots more "Gorgeousness"


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