Nicola & Rob Howe's Wedding Day at St Chad's Poulton & Singleton Lodge, "Sweet Peas & Peonies"

What an absolutely beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, The Fylde Coast was bathed in sunshine and everyone had a smile on their faces...
So here we are at Nicola's parent's home, the bridal bouquets were delivered at the very last moment to ensure maximum freshness and longevity throughout the day, we are very careful with our conditioning regime and adhere to strict timings and temperatures of our cool room and air conditioned workroom, in other words these bouquets are brought very gently into the warmth of the day by gradual degrees. Nicola's Mum with her handbag, we'd dressed it with fresh Stephanotis & Roses.

The gorgeous bridesmaid's were handed their bouquets, no need for a lesson with these two lovelies they've both been FD Bridesmaid's and in fact a bride before so they know exactly what to do.
Nicola was still having her hair finished off, which I have to say was utterly beautiful, when I handed her her bouquet.

THE BRIDAL BOUQUET The bouquet I designed for Nicola was very simple without any foliage a clustered or bundled bouquet of white Peonies, Avalanche roses, White sweet peas and Crystal Blush Calla lilies. The bouquets handle was finished with a multi layer of Ivory silk Tulle to hold moisture and then a layer of silk that we had aquired from Nicola’s dress maker to complete a very classy and flawless look

The lovely Groom Rob, What a Gentleman, we made for Rob and his Groom's Men very simple Avalanche Rose Buttonholes with black satin ribbon detail.

The Groom's Mum was wearing pale grey with plum detail in her hat, we created a handbag corsage of Stephanotis, Calls Lilies, Kalanchoe florets and rolled rose petals to compliment.

We pinned on the buttonholes at Singleton Lodge and then met up with them all again later at Church to check everything was still spot on, we always carry spare buttonholes just in case there's a safety belt incident.

Brides Mum arrives and looks totally gorgeous.

The Bridesmaids arrived and waited for Nicola on the steps to St Chad's

Eve & Michelle were wearing multi layered gowns in Violet & Hot Pink, we reflected the colours by creating bundled bouquets of Violet & Fuschia Sweet Peas, the fragrance was heavenly.

The Sqaure in Poulton was teaming with onlookers and well wishers.

The Sweet Peas seem to be almost luminous in sunshine

Nicola's all Ivory wedding bouquet looked perfect with her Caroline Castigliano Wedding Gown.
Nicola is such a beautiful bride, she has exceptional taste, which means everything looked exactly as she wanted, she gave me very clear direction and lots of information, which means these designs are truly representative of both Nicola & Rob.

Reverend Martin Keighley one my all time favourite vicars, he does fabulous sermons and has such sincerity.

St Chad's at Poulton a very beautiful church, with proper bell ringers

And an amazing choir from their sister Church St Hilda's, the singing is beautiful.

Congratulations to Nicola & Rob from all of the team at Flower Design, may we wish you a long and happy life together.

Then to Singleton Lodge for the wedding breakfast
We kept to an all ivory theme for the reception again no foliage to speak of but a lovely selection of fragranced flower nosegays in tiny vases to grace the tables.
Posies of Blossom & Peonies

Sweet Peas & Calla Lilies

I love the chairs in this room they look so rich, we used sand in the hurricane lamps to blend the colour.

Some of the posies had Stephanotis, Crystal Blush Callas & Alchemilla Mollis.

The dining room at Singleton Lodge is very elegantly decorated and has the benefit of being entirely neutral which is great for brides as they can put their own signature colour to excellent use.

Thank you so much for allowing Flower Design to be part of you big day Nicola & Rob, it was very beautiful and elegant day, filled with lots of laughter, love, beautiful people and exquisite flowers!


All looks fantastic Jane - one of the first 'proper summer' weddings of the year (fingers crossed the weather stays good until at least December now!)

Anonymous said…

Thankyou so much for the beautiful flowers for our wedding they were stunning and we were both loved them!!

Rob and I had such a fabulous day and thanks again for helping us bring it all together!!

Best Regards

Nicola & Rob Howe

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